The old coal dock - the new Puerto Arte.

Originally, the quay was built to "resupply" ships that ran aground on coal. When the use of coal for maritime transport ended, the quay was still used for unloading fertilizers, etc. But for more than 30 years the area has been relegated. With the transformation of Havana Bay from industrial use to a cultural-touristic orientation, the place has acquired a new meaning. The Puerto Arte project is the anchor project of this development which is supervised by a commission of several Cuban institutions. The view from the gondola of the captive balloon offers completely new perspectives from a height of up to 150 m above the old town, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the historical fortifications as well as the new developments in the bay.

Best Location - Best

The Puerto Arte dock is located in the center of historic Havana, which is divided by the entrance channel of the Atlantic Ocean in the bay, next to the old city and the side of Casablanca with the fortifications. Its own traffic concept, consisting of ferries, shuttle buses and a revitalized pedestrian bridge to the fortress, ensures the best possible connection.  The most important part of the traffic concept will be the ferries themselves (up to 200 people). In a cycle of a few minutes, the boats will move back and forth across the approximately 300 m wide canal during the entire period of operation. This will make it easier for guests from the old town and other districts of Havana to visit Puerto Arte. The cruise terminals are only 500 m away from the ferry pier.

In addition to the ferry, a connection to the existing bus transfer to the Havana fortress, which is the largest in the Americas and one of the 5 best views in Latin America, is also planned. With the activation of the old staircase of the fortress and the ferry, Puerto Arte will create an additional added value for tourism and the inhabitants of Havana.

Own economic area - production of creative ideas

An economic area is planned at a distance of about 2.5 km from the pier of Puerto Arte as the heart of the whole project. All logistics will be carried out on approximately 50,000 square meters of the area. Offices and workshops for maintenance and production (stage, events, merchandising) will be located, as well as a large preparation kitchen. Creative people will also find the possibility to realize their ideas together with the Puerto Arte team in the workshops, the studios (cinema, IT, graphics, sound, etc.) The site can be expanded further.